How a weekend off socials changed my perspective

Hello friend!

I thought I would share with you a little anecdote about my new social media habit. Perhaps if you are also addicted to using Instagram you may relate! I was extremely inspired by a fantastic illustrator Rebecca Green (and also this video by Julia Bausenhardt completely blew my mind) in wanting to step away from social media and my phone just a little bit! 

Now, I’ll get the caveats out of the way. In many ways, I love Instagram. I love connecting with people. I love watching stories and seeing what other people I admire are up to or working on. I love snippets of the world from others perspectives. I run an online business and in many ways, I feel social media plays an integral part to the success of my business. 

Whilst all of that is true, I am so tired of being addicted to Instagram. The self loathing I feel when I realise I have been scrolling for actual hours each day is too much! How much of my life and time can I give to an app before it takes my soul? All of these feelings are not helped by the a setting of a worldwide pandemic. I had to do something. I had heard before of people taking a ‘digital detox’ over the weekend and always thought to myself ‘there’s no need for me to do that. I’m hardly on my phone reaaaaally and I can put it down at any time’. Now children, we call that delusion. 

This image shows all the things I could do when I’m not on Instagram. I envy you, mouse. 

One Friday evening, I did it. I deleted the app (and Facebook while I was at it) from my home screen and I did not go on social media until the following Monday morning. WELL it was a revelation! I felt immediately better – really. Even though every time I needed to go on my phone for legitimate reasons (Googling how to make make vegan baked feta and tomato pasta, for example) my fingers would automatically go to stab at the space where that little Insta icon would usually be. My own will power almost betrayed by my own sausage fingers! However, I did not succumb and honestly didn’t miss it. I felt fresh, new… I finally finished reading my book!

I realised that even though I give the app so much weight with regards to my business, it did not mean I had to be on it constantly every single day. Moving forward, I plan to do this every week where I can (excluding fair weekends and special events). I want to use social media much more proactively! Speaking of which, I kicked off last Monday with a new Instagram live where I show you all of my new Mother’s Day cards and got to chat. I want to interact with you lovely people and feel good about my time spent on the app. So please say hello if you see me I would love to chat! It also makes these newsletters even more special, as I feel I have the time to write something from the heart and communicate with you in an even more meaningful way.

Introducing my latest ‘I Love You Always Mum’ Mother’s Day Portraits

This is a completely personalised drawing of mother and child, capturing that special bond and your mum’s favourite things. I really love creating these portraits, and the way you talk about your mums actually makes me well up a little bit! So heart warming and pure! Mother’s Day is coming up and can be quite a busy time so get your order in if you would like one! The turn around time is 2 weeks and they are only £50 for a two person portrait.

Some recent reviews of my portraits: 

“I bought the portrait as a gift and the process was so lovely and smooth! Jessica really listened to the details I wanted, and I love the result!”

“Amazing as always. Third time ordering from Jessica. Communication brilliant and always happy to make little changes.”

Shop Mother’s Day Portraits

Cards too!
I also have some gorgeous new cards for Mother’s Day available – covering step-mums, plant mums, nanas, and all the mum-like figures in your life. 

Mother’s Day Cards
Socially Distanced Dogs

Other things I have enjoyed this month:
I completed the above illustration on my relatively new and clean iPad, I am slowly getting to grips with Procreate and am enjoying the results! You can see me unbox my iPad in my latest YouTube video here

When I got my previously mentioned iPad (look I’ll stop going on about it okay), I got a free year trial of Apple TV. The Morning Show is a drama featuring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, my eternal queens of all that is good and holy. I INHALED this show and actually want to start it again. It’s so good you guys. If you have access to Apple TV I highly recommend!

I also watched, loved and got emotional at It’s a Sin which can be found on All4. Excellent show, very educational as well as such gorgeous characters and story. 

I’m completely obsessed with WandaVision on Disney+ (and reading lots of articles on the Easter Eggs they include) and wait with bated breath for the finale! 

Hope you are getting a little bit perky at the sign of spring coming. I love the feeling of the sun on my face and I’m so happy the days are getting a little brighter! It makes me feel hopeful and happy. See you next month! 

Jess x

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