Creativity, Happiness & Love

Hello! I love you!

Introducing my latest Valentine’s collection

Perfect for showing all the feels to your loved one. This past month I have really enjoyed creating some new cute and fuzzy designs that join my other cards in the ‘Valentine’s’ section in my shop! They are just £3.25 each with free UK delivery. Find them in the shop here!

Valentine’s Portraits

It’s always a genuine joy when I get to illustrate happy couples. If you would like yourself and your love captured forever in a portrait, that can also feature your furry animal friends and favourite things, just click on the link below and I will be in touch once the order is placed. I can only accept Valentine’s orders made today only (Feb 1st) due to time restraints, so be quick! Order today.

Oh hello, I didn’t see you there. 

Other things I have enjoyed this month:

I am really enjoying getting stuck in some good books at the moment, and for a short while, ignoring the world around me! Thinking about it, I have always used reading in this way, though it’s been much more ‘on purpose’ nowadays. 

I have been reading The Thursday Murder Club, which was the most perfect January read, a charming escape that I really enjoyed.

I also breezed through the short but oh so impactful ‘The Lamplighter’ by Jackie Kay, one of my favourite writers of all time. Perfection. 

The Ballard of Songbird and Snakes I finished recently, it was really interesting and exciting for me to revisit Panem and the arena of The Hunger Games. 

I have just started Milkman which I have been dying to read since it won the Brooker Prize a couple of years ago and really like so far. If you have any think you have to recommend me please let me know – I love to talk books! 

It’s definitely been a warm-cookie-straight-from-the-oven kind of vibe for me lately (y’know?) and I have been thrilled to discover this recipe  – so easy and so good! 

January was also my birthday month – yay! I celebrated with lots of delicious vegan sushi from an amazing place fairly nearby that delivers to a 12 mile radius – we were 11 miles away according to Google maps, YES! It’s the small wins isn’t it? My partner and I have been obsessed with playing a game on the Switch called Overcooked 2. So I had a wonderful lockdown birthday playing games and eating food – the perfect way to ring in 33 laps of the sun!

2021 has had a rocky start and January is a bit of a slog at the best of times. So well done you! Hang on in there champ, things will look up soon! (This is what I tell myself in the bathroom mirror). 



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