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Jessica Woodhouse Illustration & Graphic Design

My design studio in Derbyshire is home to a unique collection of cute artwork and custom creations. My range features quirky gifts and cards to make people feel cheerful – on special occasions or anytime you want to make them smile. I also create personalised portraits and wedding invites for couples and families around the world – complete with the cute pets, hats, houseplants and hobbies they love. Every illustration starts as a pencil sketch and comes to life with happy colours and bold lines. My style is full of joy wherever it’s applied, from custom branding and logos to unique prints and friendly avocado pin badges.

I graduated with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Arts from Liverpool John Moores University and have many years experience working in the Graphic Design and industry, and have been a freelance illustrator for over 13 years.

Featured in:
Grazia UK
Reflections Magazine

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Phone: +44 (0) 7964 612174

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IT ME! Things I love and am grateful for:

🌞 the feeling of sunshine on your face and you close your eyes and take a big breath in

📚 the way you can lose yourself in a story you are reading and that you feel like you are somewhere else in someone’s world and don’t even notice turning the page

🍔 a incredibly tasty vegan burger knowing that no babies died in the making of the delicious snack you are about to eat

🧳 choosing and packing up the perfect number of outfits for a trip to take away for a trip somewhere new

🎫 going to see a show or a film that moves you and changes the way you look at something

🍝 a hearty heavy plate of homemade food lovingly prepared and tastes just right after a long day

☕️ tea made in your favourite big mug

✏️ drawing, being able to draw often and knowing that I have improved and my business has grown along with me

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