How a weekend off socials changed my perspective

Hello friend! I thought I would share with you a little anecdote about my new social media habit. Perhaps if you are also addicted to using Instagram you may relate! I was extremely inspired by a fantastic illustrator Rebecca Green (and also this video by Julia Bausenhardt completely blew my mind) in wanting to step away from social media… Continue reading How a weekend off socials changed my perspective

Books make you cry sometimes

Below you will find my next blog post that is a snippet from my newsletter that goes out each month! Please subscribe to my monthly newsletter here - you can get some free downloadable colouring sheets! Hello! I hope this finds you well and that you are doing okay in all that is happening right… Continue reading Books make you cry sometimes

Letters From Jess – A newsletter

I have just started a brand new newsletter! If you would like to receive monthly letters from me right in to your inbox then subscribe here! I thought I would give you a little extract from June's newsletter below. Enjoy! Hi, look, I’m really doing this! My very first letter, I am so glad you… Continue reading Letters From Jess – A newsletter