January’s post Zappy New Year!

Wishing you a bright new year full of comfort and joy 
A reflection on silver linings of the last year – bralettes are my new favourite item of clothing. ‘Regular’ bras are now reserved for special occasions only. 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and managed to grab some festive relaxing time, ate some lovely food and savoured a tasty beverage, at least! We all deserve it after a long and tumultuous year. 
I have had some delicious time off, enjoying playing video games, watching lots of films and taking frequent sofa naps. After a year of not fully switching off for more than a day or two at a time I have to say it has been glorious to truly relax and have no plans or looming deadlines (and trying to not obsessively scroll & check the news). Taking breaks is so important!
My shop has remained open, and I have been posting out orders every few days at a much slower pace, thank you so much for your continued support.

A few quick things I have enjoyed recently:Soul on Disney+ was a lovely watch, stunning design and animation.This recipe for spiced nuts – honestly cannot stop eating. You won’t regret it.Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom on Netflix was fantastic.‘It Happened One Night’ is a gem and I absolutely loved it – it’s the original rom com romp!
Keeping it short and sweet, I just wanted to wish you a happy 2021, and also a little reminder that it’s okay to take things slow. We have perhaps learned many unexpected lessons over the last year. Maybe to be kinder to ourselves, perhaps that maybe life ‘before’ wasn’t working as well as we thought. Maybe we know ourselves better now, and what is most important to us. Maybe we learned how to make a really good lasagne after years of avoiding that culinary skill. All very important realisations we can move forward with. 

All the best for a 2021 where you feel good.

Jess x

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